Gather your tribe……   that connect with your vibe…..
       Offering a place for your heart to feel
                    support, spiritual connection  and friendship. . .
Would you like to join a group that will meet 2x a month for about 2 hrs,  explore
spiritual concepts and practices - share and support each other.
We are possibly planning to meet 2x a month on Sunday evenings, however, if the group prefers
another time, there's flexibility.  We can practice meditation, take field trips, have book club…
whatever direction the tribe decides.  If you are interested in joining in to create your tribe,
please sign up today or text Kathy Steinberg, LMSW  at 845-304-4804.

A small participation fee of $20 pp/per session would cover refreshments and meeting location.  Kathy
Steinberg would be the main facilitator, however, we will invite other practitioners and speakers to visit
with us.  

Please reach out if interested… we would like to begin soon and would ask that if you sign up, you
make a commitment to attend regularly.  Presently, meeting location is planned for Nyack, although
location may change depending upon the size of the group.

Call or text Kathy Steinberg at 845-304-4804 or email her at 845-304-4804.  
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