Kathy Steinberg, LMSW
Gentle Healing Practice for Individuals, Couples and Families
working with a variety of techniques as desired by client.
"Client Centered Therapy" for those to open their hearts
and expand their consciousness to create a better life.

  Intuitive Energy Healing
  - Reiki Master
  - Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Trainer
  - Sound & Light Channel
  - Crystal Healing
  - Healing with Angels
  - Sacred Geometry


  Ordained Minister (Weddings, Funerals, Blessings)

   Teacher & Mentor for Spiritual Growth &
                         Meditation Practices

   WeHealTogether.com Creator/Administrator
Office located at:

56 N. Broadway
Suite 1
Nyack, NY  10960

(845)304-4804 cell
(you can text!)

Office hours by appointment only
Kathy creates a gentle
healing environment that will
work with whatever you need.
Offering a nurturing loving
space for your perfect healing.
**Credit: Original Painting by Linda Urcioli
Offering sessions in person in
Nyack, NY
& via Zoom, Skype and telephone.
-        Fordham University, MSW (2001)
-        Long Island University,
20 credits towards MA in Psychology 1984-86
-        University of Bridgeport - Bridgeport, CT
B.S. degree; Psychology, Cum laude (1982)  
A.A. degree; Mental Health, Cum laude (1977)
Certificate in Art/Dance/Music Therapies (1977)

Over 20 years of Advanced Spiritual Training/Practices

Sri'ama Qala Phoenix - Self Mastery School of Creation
Sri'ama Qala Phoenix - Self Mastery School of Loving Presence
Graduate Mentor of The Divine University
Keepership:  Keeper of the Ki's of Ascension

Teacher/Facilitator for The Masters' Way-The Path of Light
which is Channelled teachings to In'easa mabu Ishtar from The
Ascended Masters.

The Masters' Way
Path of Light

This is the course of study
channeled by the Masters
In'easa mabu Ishtar.  

The teacher/facilitator
of this current course is
Kathy Steinberg
New Program starting March 2020!!   For more info: click here
Gather your tribe……   that connect with your vibe…..
 Offering a place for your heart to feel
              support, spiritual connection  and friendship. . .
Would you like to join a group that will meet 2x a month for about 2 hrs,  explore
spiritual concepts and practices - share and support each other.
Are you seeking spiritual, social and emotionally connected connections?  If you are interested in joining a group
that becomes your tribe.....  
click here
Also..... a group for personal growth is forming now for
         early 2020........
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Join our Meditaition Meetup!
Good Vibrations Meditaiton Meetup of Rockland County.

A variety of planned meditations (small group and large group) incorporating
various practices and modalities. Meditation has many benefits and gives one
an opportunity to gain personal and spiritual insight and connectiveness. You
can find inner calm, get clarity of mind, wisdom, joy and contentment with
regular meditative practices. Good Vibrations Meditation Sessions will offer a
variety of meditation sessions, varying in size, location, as well as different
meditative practices. These may include sound, guided imagery, chanting,
singing bowls, teaching, etc.

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